Recap of the Affiliate World Asia 2017

Recap of the Affiliate World Asia 2017

Affiliate World Asia is, in their own words "the world’s premier gathering of influential affiliate and e-commerce marketers." It's the place where you can find industry giants like Neil Patel, Charles Ngo, and Bonnie D'Amico.

It took place between 6 and 7 of December in Bangkok, Thailand.

This year, 3000 people attended, and more than 30 speakers were invited to talk. All of that in only two days. It was pure adrenaline, trying to be in multiple places at the same time to see and meet as much as possible.

Among the most interesting talks, was the one about how to increase landing page conversions by Patel. There were also other subjects like new connections and business opportunities, sharing insights and discussing big campaign trends.

The way the summit is organized is also something worth mentioning; it's what allows so much to happen in so little time and in an orderly way. 

There are three main venues to attend and connect with other companies. The first one is the Market. It's the place where you can see all the booths and an overall view of the competition and what they have to offer.

Secondly, there's an area for Speeches and Panels as we previously mentioned. This is the best way to learn about new things, get some new insights on current subjects and retain as much as possible to stay on top of market trends.

Lastly, the Networking Mixers and the Night Networking events. These are usually where most cards and exchanged, and business really happens.

To recap, Affiliate World Asia is the perfect offline meeting point for online marketers and unicorns of the affiliate industry to gather.

We enjoyed every second of this edition, and we're looking forward to the next one. Hope we can meet you there too!