Revlinker's Sweepstakes launch: are you ready to go forward?

Revlinker's Sweepstakes launch: are you ready to go forward?

Our media buying team has been promoting sweepstakes for more than a year now, and the best sweepstakes were scattered in many different places. In result, our product development team identified an excellent opportunity to create a valuable list of sweepstakes in only one place and ultimately,  decided to expand for this new vertical.
So we prepared a list of more than 100 offers that focus on exclusive and top converting sweepstakes, from the best direct advertisers. Now you can have access to all kind of sweepstakes in one place.

What are sweepstake offers?

Sweepstake offers are directly connected with winning campaigns, where the user has the chance to win one or more prizes. These prizes are, in general, some physical prizes like mobile phones or trips. It can be somewhat like a lottery, or it can be in a format of a voucher. An example would be something like “500 discounts on Zara” or something similar.

What type of conversion flows are available?

We prepared a list of sweepstakes based in multiple conversions to fulfill various kinds of approaches.
CPA - With a mobile subscription (1-Click/2-Click/Pin Submit);
CPL - Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in;
CC submit - Registration with a credit card.
With sweepstakes, you have to focus on quality conversions, but the flow of conversions is also a crucial factor to succeed.

Why should you promote sweepstakes?

Payout: In general the payout of sweepstakes are big (except CPL - SOI)  because they focus on top countries.
GEOs: With those kinds of product you have many options for Tier1 countries like the USA, where some verticals like Mobile Content aren’t so popular.
Traffic: You can get much more traffic because there isn’t any limitation per carrier or operative systems like other verticals.

How can you start using sweepstakes?

To make it easy, we recommend you to start by creating sweepstakes related to winning a trip or flight tickets. That way, you are creating a context for your campaigns. Also, you should begin with an easy flow like CPL SOI or DOI offers, and to choose multiple traffic sources (Example: Search, Native, Banner, Pop-Under with a good LP). This way, you can ensure that you'll reach people who like traveling (and not just travel sites).
Also, think about testing an higher amount and also multiple countries (if you find a good website it can work for multiple countries).
Also, for many media buyers, the time spending with each advertiser or network is a crucial factor to make money, mainly when you work with multiple verticals.
Moreover, we genuinely believe that you can have real success on sweepstakes only with our marketplace because all of ours are tested and optimized to get the best performance.
Now that you know all about sweepstakes stop wasting time, and start using them now! For more information, ask your account manager for the best tips and offers.