Berlin: the city of many cultures and host of AWE 2017

Berlin: the city of many cultures and host of AWE 2017

Hey Guys!
Did you have the chance to attend AWE in Berlin? If not, we suggest you put on your must go wishlist.

Berlin is a lovely city with lots of beautiful places to hang out. But before we get into more details about the Affiliate World Conference, we want to share some city tips with you.
According to Time Out, here are a few recommendations if you're thinking about going to Berlin shortly.

1. Discover Berlin history

This city is full of monuments and historical places to visit. From museums to art, there's a lot to see. Museum Island, The Reichstag - the German Parliament, the Bauhaus Museum and the former location of the Wall, are some of the mandatory sites to go.

2. Eat traditional food

Currywurst and Berliner doughnut. These are the dishes you have to try if you want to feel like a true local. We especially like the Berliner doughnut since it's very close to our own Bola de Berlim. 

3. Enjoy the nightlife

Berlin is a 48 hours non stop party machine. 
There are many venues according to someone's taste, but mainly, it's a city for techno and deep house lovers. 
Berghain and Golden Gate are the most famous ones.

4. Shop as must as you want

Markets, local shops, and even a shopping district. You can find practically everything from odd curiosities to mainstream European clothing brands.
If you're more of an outgoing green space lover, than Mauer Park is the perfect combination between going for a wall and bargain for souvenirs. Take some time off on a Sunday and explore the area.

5. Don't forget the selfie time

Lastly but not least, go back in time with a Photoautomaten photo booth. These machines are scattered around the city and provide the perfect excuse to take a group photo.

Now back to business: the AWE Conference

It was an extraordinarily successful summit for us. 
We met a lot of new partners and had time to bond with the ones we already work with daily. Also, a big shout out to all AWE Berlin organization, especially for STM Forum for putting up such an excellent show and for all the interesting speakers, brought to AWE Panel. It’s always good to learn the new trends in Affiliate Marketing and see how we can grow our business in the right way.

For us, it was a huge success, and we’re looking forward to meeting all our partners again in the next summit and coming back to Berlin.

It's time to follow up, so we'll see you around!

  • posted by @joao
  • June 19, 2017