About Tel Aviv and Israel Mobile Summit 2018

About Tel Aviv and Israel Mobile Summit 2018


Israel Mobile Summit will take place on 5th of June in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Having started eight years ago and this being the 14th summit, it became the most important event for mobile apps and games in Israel.

Attendees from all over the world will fly to the second most famous city in this country, to hear keynotes from top speakers and panels about mobile topics. This year, there are three mainly treads of content: monetization, innovation, and analytics.

It's a day to explore new industry opportunities and one-on-one meeting. 
Everyone also always looks forward to the Startup Contest. It's where the best mobile startups, app developers, and game publishers of the year are featured.

Our Head of Business Development, João Costa and our Head of Technology, Pedro Silva will be there to meet you and explain our exclusive solutions for demand and supply.

As we did with other summits, since it may be your first time in Israel, we'll give you a few tips, in case you can stay for a little longer in Tel Aviv. So here it goes:

1. Official languages

Hebrew, Arabic, and English. These are the three official languages. So rest assured; it's not difficult to ask for directions or move around the city on your own.

2. Free wifi everywhere

That's right. Tel Aviv is one of the few cities with free Wifi almost everywhere you go.

3. Tipping is expected 

If you go out to try the local food, which we recommend you do, it's expected of you to tip at least 10%, preferably in cash.

4. Go to the shuk

And speaking of going out, the shuk might be your best option in Tel Aviv. Ether to buy groceries, souvenirs or local clothes (why not?), these are the best options.

5. Beware of the Shabbat

Shabbat is a holy day for many people, especially in Tel Aviv. It occurs from Friday evening to Saturday evening so the local commerce may be closed. Be aware of this and plan ahead. 

So, if you're going to Israel Mobile Summit, book a meeting with our team here, and we hope to see you soon!