Madrid Mobile Summit: will you meet us there?

Madrid Mobile Summit: will you meet us there?


Madrid Mobile Summit is returning to Spain for the second year.

On the 13th of November, every marketer, publisher, developer, and startup will be reunited at MEEU in Chamartín, Madrid.

Who should attend the Madrid Mobile Summit?

MMS is for everyone that works in the mobile industry.

With topics that range from innovation, mobile web & affiliates, entrepreneurship, and user acquisition & retention, among others, it's genuinely a summit developed for the mobile niche in all aspects.

Even though this year's panels still need to confirm, we're interested in hearing some of the following:

User Acquisition / Growth

In this panel, we'll increase our knowledge of user acquisition and retention. Also, we'll discuss which kind of campaigns work best for each type of app, and also, the best options to get better results while spending less money on campaigns.

Mobile Advertising

During these talks, we'll speak about the future of the industry, fraud increase, programmatic media buying, and measurements tools.
A new topic introduced this year is the increasing popularity of interactive ads. Will they be here for the long run or, as with everything else, users will get used to them? Will there be new interactive ways to create ads in the future? What can we do to prepare ourselves for the future of mobile advertising?


Publishers use in-app advertising as their number one strategy to monetize apps. But what other options are there? In this panel, we will hear about different tactics and tips to better monetize mobile apps.

If this edition is anything like 2017, it will most definitely be worth your time. As for us, we can't wait to meet some old partners and find new ones.

Are you considering going as well? Why don't you meet us there? Hurry up and book a meeting, while there are still some spots open!