MeetTheSquad: The Daily Life of one of our Advertiser's Manager

MeetTheSquad: The Daily Life of one of our Advertiser's Manager

Meet Nidia Teiga! She’s one of our best advertiser managers.

Fun Facts:

  • You know that Nidia is around when the AC is on! Everywhere she enters the first thing to do is to turn it on because she’s always feeling cold;
  • She's an animal lover;
  • She's also a sunseeker, “but wait, let me get my 50 SPF sunscreen first!”

After a 20-minute drive with some traffic, Nidia arrives at the office. She makes her tea and gets this show started!


Morning Analysis

“First things first! This is my top priority when I arrive at the office: check the stats, search for the best campaigns and the top recommendations for our affiliate team.”

Advertiser Report 

“This Monday was my turn to make the performance report about last week, including all the data and performance from our campaigns.”

Analyse the stats for each advertiser

“I like to write down everything I need to do, so after analyzing how each campaign from each advertiser is doing regarding performance, I start making a checklist to fill out throughout the day.”

Morning Performance Evaluation Meeting 

“Every Monday, I have a meeting with my manager to make a recap of last week results. In this meeting, we establish my weekly goals and talk about more specific topics like, which campaigns require more attention due to their sensitivity, which segments are trending right now…”

Answering e-mails and messages

“My day consists in reviewing performance and talking with my accounts, through Skype or via e-mail, about how to improve results and boosting the campaigns we get. I need to be ahead of everything and make sure every campaign is up and running without any problem.”

Netflix & Lunch

“I might eat healthily, but that’s just because I want to have room for a guilt-free dessert. Oh, and I don’t know if anyone realized this yet, but I’m unconsciously the movie chooser at the office.”

Reaching Weekly Goal

“In the afternoon I keep talking with all my advertisers and searching for new leads. On a weekly basis, my goal is to put at minimum 50 offers live from direct advertisers so that we can guarantee higher quality and more direct sources.”



MeetTheSquad is a blog section created so you can get to know us. We want to give you a real idea of the great team we have, and to show you what it’s like to work at REVLINKER on a daily basis. 
We hope you enjoyed the first of many posts and stay tuned for more!