MeetTheSquad: The Daily Life of one of our affiliate managers

MeetTheSquad: The Daily Life of one of our affiliate managers

As you know, working in affiliate marketing is a never-ending job. It’s all about performance, every day is a new day, so we decided that it was time for you to see what it’s like to work here at REVLINKER! How do our managers deal with the daily pressure in such a hectic industry?
Let us take you on a tour of a typical Monday at the office.

This time around, Sid is on the spot. He's one of our top affiliate managers. 

Fun Facts:

  • He’s always the first one to get to the office. If we arrive and Sid is not here something is undoubtedly off;
  • Completely addicted to Marvel;
  • Currently trying to learn how to ride a longboard (and failing).

 Sid starts his day at the office with a big cup of coffee and good mood. Then, he's ready to roll!
Morning Analysis

“The first thing I normally do is to check the stats for the day to see who’s doing well and which cases I should take as a priority. It’s the best way to keep track of everything and split my day into simple tasks.”

Check the latest Top Offers for Affiliates, Media Buyers, and the Top Segments.

Verify the Newsletter

“The Marketing Department sends me every week a test before they launch the newsletter. That way I can review it, and verify if everything adds up.”

Analyse the stats for each partner

“I have a report for each account where I insert their latest data and check their history, which makes it easier to see issues that need to be improved and which results we should keep boosting.”

Answering e-mails and messages

“Now let’s all take a moment before we open our Skypes. We already know how chaotic this is going to look so I never forget to grab myself a second cup of coffee and some courage. Most of my day revolves around talking with my partners and guaranteeing results are good.”

Netflix & Lunch

“I’m a simple guy. Give me a burger, put on Friends and I’m happy.”

Afternoon Performance Evaluation Meeting

“After lunch, I have a one-on-one meeting with my manager to talk about last week's results and establish my weekly goals.”

So, there you have it! This is the Monday of one of our affiliate managers, Sid. In the afternoon he keeps talking with partners and optimizing the performance. And then, Happy Hour starts at 5 pm, which means more talking but with a drink on our hand!